Saturday, February 24, 2018

2018 Maui

2018-1-25  through 2-22  Maui trip:

4 weeks in Maui!!!!  Longest we've ever vacationed in one spot.  I'm so anxious, I'm starting my blog a couple days early.  I'll get all the mundane stuff stuff out of the way:

Flights:  ATL-OGG
We're using award miles again.  This time we're using Alaska Airlines for our flights to OGG and AA for our flights back.  I booked the flights about 300 days out, knowing there would probably be changes before Jan. 25.  First one came while we were on vacation in S. Florida in May.  AA decided to eliminate our red eye flight out of OGG to LAX.  So they moved us up to a 2:30pm flight and changed our LAX - ATL flight to LAX - Charlotte (CLT) - ATL.  With an 8 hour layover in CLT!  I had to call twice before I got someone who could or would change the CLT flight to one with "just" a 1 1/2 hour layover.  Then in Nov.---while on an 11 night Caribbean cruise---our Alaska Airlines flight ATL - SEA got eliminated and we got an email telling us to call them.   So I called and they put us on a flight to SEA a day earlier and said they'll put us up in a hotel that night.  Then we would take our 10:30am SEA - OGG flight on the 25th.  So our really LONG travel day becomes 2 long travel days, but at least we don't have to get to the Atlanta airport by 4am!  As always, I kept checking our flights for better itineraries and/or seats.  On Jan. 20 AA put their non-stop LAX-ATL red eye on mile-saver award travel, so I was able to called and got us switched to that flight instead of LAX-CLT-ATL.  Now we'll get back into ATL about 7:30 am instead of noonish----just in time for the lovely Atlantic rush hour traffic!  As we're driving through the city to get to the north side I'll just keep reminding myself it's better then sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting for another flight!

Click on links below for photos and individual blog posts:

Accommodations --- Kahana Villas Resort and Worldmark Kihei

Car rental --- Nissan Pathfinder

Cameras this trip:  My Canon 60D DSLR with a Tamron 17-300mm zoom lens and a Tamron 150-600zoom lens (which I hoped to use for whale watching, but couldn't on the boat tours due to wet rides and the whales were too far from the beach to use it.  Only ended up using it to take pictures of the lunar eclipse.); and a TG-4 Olympus underwater camera. 

My Daily posts:

1-24-2018  Day -1 --- off to Seattle:

1-25-2-18  Day 2---SEA - OGG and settling in: 

1-26-2018  Day 3---snorkel Kahekili and Lahaina for sunset: 

1-27-2018  Day 4---snorkel Kapalua and Lahaina for sunset

1-28-2018  Day 5---Sea House breakfast, Napili bay, Kapalua snorkel, Kahana sunset, Lahaina 

1-29-2018  Day 6---the Fischers arrive!

1-30-2018  Day 7---trip up to the North/West side and the Super Blue Blood Moon:

1-31-2018  Day 8---snorkeling Kapalua with newbies

2-1-2018  Day 9---whale watching tour out of Lahaina 

2-2-2018  Day 10---move to the South side by way of Haleakala:  

2-3-2018  Day 11---checking out the high surf on the South side 

2-4-2018  Day 12---half the road to Hana

2-5-2018  Day 13---RAIN and Fischers leave

2-6-2018  Day 14---Oneuli whale watching and walking the Hoapili trail

2-7-2018  Day 15---a walk along the Wailea Walking Path 

2-8-2018  Day 16---snorkeling!  Kapalua and MM14

2-9-2018  Day 17---snorkeling Makena Landing 

2-10-2018 Day 18---snorkeling Ahihi and a walk along the path by Maluaka

2-11-2018 Day 19---snorkeling MM14 and sunset at Kam 1-2 

2-12-2018 Day 20---snorkeling Kam 3 and Po'olenalena

2-13-2018  Day 21---snorkeling Po'olenalena and The Dumps!

2-14-2018  Day 22---Valentine's Day Trilogy whale watching tour 

2-15-2018  Day 23---A rainy day, but a great sunset  

2-16-2018  Day 24---Kula Gardens, Hookipa turtles, Kam 1 sunset 

2-17-2018 Day 25---Snorkel Honolua!!!  and Kapalua, then off to Lahaina 

2-18-2018 Day 26---Water spout!  walking north of Kam 1 

2-19-2018 Day 27---Walk along the Kam beaches and disappearing ring

2-20-2018 Day 28---Snorkel Maluaka and Wailea

2-21-2018  Day 29---last day!!! So sad!

2-22 and 23-2018---heading home to ATL

Highlights and lowlights of this trip:  The biggest highlight was sharing vacation time with good friends for a week.  Biggest lowlight is apparently having my wedding ring stolen!  Another lowlight is my glasses disappearing in the ocean and having to get new ones made at LensCrafters.  Speaking of things disappearing---so did my hat!  Definitely too many lowlights!  Our trip ended with another highlight!---finding my assumed "stolen" ring! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

2018-2-22 and 23  time to go home  :( , but on a happy note! :)

OK, I'm feeling a bit stupid, but grateful!  My ring reappeared!  Yea!!!  Happened to be in my other carry on item (my c-pap machine bag)---which, by the way, we both had checked--multiple times!  Not like there are a bunch of compartments in it (like my camera bag has!)---it only has 2!!!  Still don't know how we both missed it; especially since there was nothing else in the bag!  But when I went to pack up the machine, there it was.  So I'll take stupid and happy any day under these circumstances!!!  But boy we could have avoided a lot of stress and aggravation if it had appeared sooner!  Although I did come out of it with another ring!!!  Wonder if I could get by with this strategy if I  plan it?!

Anyway---even though I'm always sad to be leaving Hawaii, I was feeling pretty happy after packing up the c-pap machine!  So happy, that when my phone started acting up, it didn't even phase me---much.  I could make a call, and the phone would ring if someone called, but I couldn't hear anything through the inside speaker of the phone.  Searched the internet for suggestions of what I might have accidentally done to cause that, but didn't have any luck.  Even texted my daughter-in-law who owned the phone previously.  She couldn't diagnose it over texts, either.

But, alas, it was time to hit the road and make our way to Costco for our last tank of gas, then off to the airport.  Our flight was a 2:02 flight on American Airlines.  Used miles from our credit card to fly free again.  Originally we were suppose to fly out later in the evening, but they eliminated that flight and put us on the 2:02 flight to LAX, then to Charlotte, then something like an 8 hour layover!, then to ATL on a puddle jumper.  A few weeks before our flight,  LAX-ATL red eye came available for the OGG-ATL super savers award points which made it the same amount of points that I had originally used (20,000), so I switched us to that flight.  Now we would get into ATL about 7am on the 23rd instead of evening.  Gotta love flying and all the flight schedule changes!!!

On our way to the airport, Ken asked if my Bluetooth headphones were on.   Good question!!!  So I shut the Bluetooth off on my phone and presto, the phone worked right again.  I had charged my bluetooth headphones the night before and must have inadvertently turned them on. With them close to the phone, sound was being sent to my headphones.  I've sure made this trip interesting!!!

Got to the airport about 11:15.  I dropped Ken off at the airport with the luggage and I went and returned the car for the past month--a Nissan Pathfinder SUV.  By the time I got back to the airport, Ken was already checked in.  Even paid to check our 3rd bag (2 of the 3 were actually carry on suitcases).  We got 2 free checked bags for being AA Citi card holders.  They wouldn't do a courtesy check at the ticket counter this time for the 3rd bag (like Alaska had done on the way out), so he paid the $35.  Of course, when we got to the gate, they were courtesy checking them.

(Once we were home, AA sent an email link to a survey on how our travel went.  As I was filling it out, it said if we had any "problems", feel free to email customer service.  I figured, why not?  So I emailed and mentioned the fee for checking the one carry on bag then finding out it was free at the gate.  In a couple days, they sent a voucher for the $35 to be used within a year.  They didn't have to do that, but I'm glad they did.  Used it for my flight to Jackson Hole in Sept. 2018.)

We were TSA PRE approved.  Got through security very quickly and to the gate with a couple hours to spare.  That's when I worked on the blog post for 2-21 and got it uploaded right as it was time to board.

It was a rainy day---It's so much nicer leaving on a dreary rainy day.  Or maybe it's just because I was still elated from finding my ring.  Also was nice that we had a row of 3 seats for the 2 of us.
 And we're off.  I was surprised how pretty the views were for take off with all the rain in the area. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2018-2-21 Time to check out the pawn shops!

Woke up wanting to hit the beach again. gave South beaches another 8.  But I also wanted to do whatever I could to try and get my ring back.  So----off to a bunch of pawn shops!
First one was the pawn shop in Kihei.  Another 1st for me!  First time being in a pawn shop!  Rather interesting experience.  Lots of cool stuff in there---one of the reasons why I've never been in a pawn shop before!  Bet my nephew would love these paintings!
We immediately went to one of the employees and explained our plight.  He was very helpful and nice.  We learned the procedures for reporting a stolen item to them.  Nice to know that they are connected to the police site, too, so when they get stuff the police can check to see if it's there.  He had me email the picture and police report to their other 2 offices, too.  Then, of course, I looked around.
Boy, they have a lot of really nice stuff!  This was a fraction of the diamond rings.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018-2-20  Snorkeling Maluaka and Wailea Beach

Woke up to another beautiful day!  Even the surf was cooperating!  According to, snorkeling at both the South and North beaches got a rating of an 8.  That's the highest rating I remember seeing yet.  So snorkeling was definitely in order.  So after I cooked up the last of the eggs for breakfast, we headed out.

It's been a few years since I've snorkeled at Ulua, Maluaka or Wailea Beach---usually they're pretty rough.  So we decided to check them out.  Ulua's parking lot was full, so we continued on.  Maluaka had availability.  I mentioned in a previous post that they did away with the  upper parking lot; I was wrong.  It's still there, the one I noticed the other day is the one for the boat workers and construction vehicles.  So we were able to get a parking spot way up the hill.
 Looking towards the snorkel area.

Monday, February 19, 2018

2008-2-19  Walk along the Kam beaches, snorkel Ahihi.

The weather forecast talked about there being more rain in the forecast.  So I was surprised when I looked outside and saw blue skies and not a cloud in the sky.    It was definitely time to get out and enjoy the beautiful blues of the ocean again.  So I took another walk.  This time South from our condo----along Kam 1, 2, and 3.
This is Kam 1.  Lots of people were already out enjoying the ocean. 
I expected the water to be pretty brown, but it looked good! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

2018-2-18 walking around Kihei, waiting for the rain

The forecast said it was going to rain.  It also said it was going to flood.  It also said the ocean was murky.  So I woke up and expected it to be pouring.  It wasn't.  After sitting around the condo awhile, I decided to take a walk.  I did leave my DSLR back in the condo and took my waterproof camera with me.
It was totally cloudy and thundering.  But I went anyway.  I decided to head north along the beach from Charlie Young Park.
The cloudy weather did make flower pictures more brilliant. 
So I took a lot of flower pictures.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2018-2-17  Snorkel Honolua!  and Kapalua.  Dinner in Lahaina.

The surf report showed that most of the beaches South and West were pretty flat, so I decided to see if the water would be clear enough for snorkeling---and if we could beat the predicted rains.  South beaches didn't get as high a snorkel rating today as West beaches via, so I suggested we head West and check out Kapalua.  If it didn't look good, we could go check out the surfers by Honolua and beyond.  So after a delicious cooked breakfast courtesy of Ken, we loaded up all our junk and took off.
First stop, the post office to mail some more post cards.  When we were leaving the post office, we admired this guy's Hog.   Certainly wasn't anything like the Honda we use to ride 43 years ago!
 Then we cut across to the highway.  On our way, we passed the Kihei food truck park.  While I think it's a good idea, I sure think they could make it look more appealing!

2018 Maui

2018-1-25  through 2-22  Maui trip: 4 weeks in Maui!!!!   Longest we've ever vacationed in one spot.  I'm so anxious, I'm star...