Friday, June 2, 2017

Snorkeling Kauai

Snorkeling Kauai

Probably my favorite thing to do on vacation is snorkel---or is it photography?!  I guess it would have to be underwater photography!  As of 2015, we've made 13 trips to Kauai, all during the winter.  I read a lot of comments saying that snorkeling on Kauai isn't very good.  I'm here to offer a different opinion.  I love snorkeling Kauai----and Maui, and the Big Island, and St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitt's and lots of other places.  But since we always get drawn back to Kauai, I decided to make a blog of our snorkeling on Kauai.  I figure I'll start at the westernmost area we snorkeled: Saltpond;  and travel to the south side: Lawai; Poipu; and Maha'ulepu Beach--- then to the East side:  Lydgate and Moloaa; Anahola--- and last but certainly not least, to the North shore:   Anini; Tunnels and Kee.   They each have their own unique character to them.

On the South side:



Poipu Beach:

Maha'ulepu Beach:

On to the East side:

Lydgate Park:



On the North side:





So whether it's raining on the north shore, or windy in Poipu, or beach closed due to shark sighting at Tunnels, or whatever, there are plenty of other great places to find to snorkel at around Kauai.  Check the surf reports and go where the surfers don't. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


The end of the road brings you to Kee Beach.  It's getting harder and harder to find parking here, even in the winter.  It's also the starting point for the Kalalau hike, so the parking lot fills up early.  But if you can find parking and the conditions are good, it's a fun place to spend a few hours, too.
Here's a view of Kee from the hike showing the nice protective reef blocking out the ocean waves.   It doesn't always knock them down in the winter, but when it does, it's a great place to go.
A pool like calmness even on a Feb. day. 
 Super clear
not a tremendously large area, but large enough.
lots of shade and easy water access.
Would love to be on the ship some day!
 Do have to be careful around the mossy rocks at the shoreline, though.
 Heading in.
snowflake eel
blackspot sergeant
schools of fish
large travelly
 hybrid sergeants
 school of mullet
big eye emperor
 manybar goatfish
elegant coris
magnificent snake eel
 Hawaiian knife fish
coronet fish
some of the underwater terrain
black tail snapper
 threadfin butterflyfish
 yellowstripe goatfish
 more Kee terrain
 sea urchin
 snowflake eel
neighbors greeting each other
female bird wrasse
 to the outer reef
more by the outer reef

 white bar surgeonfish
Christmas wrasse
saddle wrasse and friends
 barred filefish

 cleaner wrasse

back on shore a view back towards some snorkelers showing the surf being knocked down by the reef.
I also like to walk down the beach a ways and look back towards the Napali for some great views

playing with some of the weird features of my new underwater camera.
If it's near sunset, I suggest staying around for that, too.  I've seen some spectacular ones from here!

Snorkeling Kauai

Snorkeling Kauai Probably my favorite thing to do on vacation is snorkel---or is it photography?!  I guess it would have to be underwat...